Frequently Asked Questions

Is a Reading more effective in-person (or via Zoom/Skype/FaceTime) rather than on the phone?


Energetically there is no difference in my ability to connect with your Soul Group/Guides to provide a deep experience for you.  Some people have reported that they prefer being in my presence, to be in the energy of the experience.

Others have shared that they prefer the anonymity of being across the country (or on the other end of the telephone line) because it helps them to focus on their Guides message, rather than on me as the channel – for them there is less distraction.

The effectiveness of the session has more to do with your preparation (see “What to Bring”) then it does on the physical distance between myself and you.

With regards to Zoom or FaceTime – sometimes individuals find it distracting when a tela-conference call  freezes during a Reading.  Since my eyes are closed during the initial download, I may not notice that the connection has been temporarily lost (or disconnected).

For this reason I often recommend that folks call my land line for a phone session, after being introduced to each other via Zoom or Skype or FaceTime, so the flow is uninterrupted.


Do you give relationship or medical advice?

I am not a Medical Intuitive, so I cannot offer any information with regards to your physical well-being.  There are times when individuals are encouraged to do certain types of activities or exercises to support a wholistic approach to their healing process, but specifics regarding diagnosis or treatment are best left to medical practitioners.

With regards to relationship advice – it is not my role to tell you what to do (or not do) with regards to relationships.

Having said that, we are all interconnected, as a result our relationships (personal and professional) offer much ‘grist for the mill’ for our growth and evolution as a Soul.

Often Soul Groups focus on relationship dynamics as a way to illuminate what is ‘up’ for you, what challenges or transitions you are engaged in, and what choices you are facing.

Do you ‘see’ my Guides? Can you tell me who they are?

I don’t ‘see’ your Guides or members of your Soul Group. I can only ‘see’ what they show me, the Visions and images. In a rare instance I’ve been able to distinguish a specific personality or voice, but in the main the message or teaching is received as a collective voice or as a collaborative collage — the focus is less on them, and more on YOU!

If you desire to connect with your Guides/Soul Group or to your Higher Self, this can be the focus of your questions or session. Many, many folks have received guidance on how to deepen their awareness of their Soul Self, and are offered suggestions for spiritual practices to increase their ability to ‘listen to the still small voice within’.

Eventually you may be able to cut-out the middle man or woman (such as me), and trust the messages and guidance you’ve been receiving every moment of every day, your entire life.

How do you do what you do?

Through the process of Soul Leadings I connect with your Soul Group (Spirit Guides who may be ancestors, animals, angelic beings, ascended masters, teachers, etc.).  ‘Readings’ are the result of an integration of my gifts of Clairvoyance (seeing), Clairaudience (hearing), Clairsentience (feeling), and Claircognizance (knowing), enabling me to ‘sense’ what your Guides are communicating to me.

This provides a dynamic, experiential journey for both of us, which accesses more than my 5 senses — or more accurately uses my 5 senses in an augmented fashion!

Do my Guides show you the future – can you tell me what the best decision would be?

None of the services offered through Soul Leadings are intended to supplant or replace your ability to grow in self-awareness, to learn to listen to your own intuition and gut instincts.

Rather these sessions are opportunities to explore all of the variables, to be presented with perspectives or information that you may have over-looked or dismissed as irrelevant, to create a container that will support you in discerning for yourself what action is best for you to take.

Can I ask questions about other people?

Can I ask questions about other people?

You may ask questions about others, only if your questions relate to your relationship with them or regarding their influence on you.

It is unethical for me to do Readings on others without their permission, or unless they are present.

If you have specific concerns about others, I generally suggest that people simply state that person’s name and if there is information about that person (as it relates to you) that your Soul Group feels is important to convey – an overall impression or overview will be offered.


I’m worried about being told something ‘negative’ about myself – how do you handle ‘bad’ news?

In all the years I’ve been offering Readings I can honestly state that no Soul Group has delivered ‘bad’ news or been negative or critical of an individual!

Each session is positive, uplifting, supportive, and caring – this doesn’t mean that some things might be difficult to hear, I don’t know what those things might be (for you) nor can I control what comes through.

However, I can say that I (personally) will support you to come to an understanding of what your Guides desire to convey, so you can work with the material on your own.

How Do I Get Started?

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