Spiritual Guidance


Connect with the spiritual purpose of your life, develop the tools and resources to expand your Soul’s healing, and become empowered. Discover the great beauty in transforming your Self and your Life in the midst of any circumstance.

The various services offered through Soul Navigation cover a lot of ground, addressing many levels of awareness and opportunities for change.  But for many individuals, these become the prelude for a deeper exploration.

Spiritual Mentoring

Spiritual Mentoring is offered for to folks who desire a follow-up conversation about how to work with the guidance that they have received from their Soul Group/Higher Self.

The focus of these mentoring sessions is to facilitate you in implementing these changes, as well as sit with any resistance that may bubble up as part of the transformation process.

To continue your journey through Spiritual Mentoring, please book a session through: Book a Session, or send an email to Gizelle via the Contact page, if you have additional questions about the process.

Self-Awareness Counseling

is designed for those individuals who desire to have an on-going deeper dive into their Soul Journey.

Participating in Self-Awarenes Counseling will allow you to experience barriers to responsible self-expression, enable you to resolve core issues/beliefs, and remove limitations that block you from your true Self.

Gizelle Luccio guides individuals to become more fully aware of their true intentions in life. Through clear and compassionate inquiry, you will learn how to be present to what you are deeply feeling emotionally, and thus go beyond expectations rooted in social identities.

By practicing being present (with yourself and others), it is possible to remove barriers to responsible self-expression, and enable you to resolve core issues/beliefs and remove limitations that block you from your true Self. The goal of this counseling is to become fully alive by taking responsibility for your choices, and in freedom, to make new choices that will allow you to grow into your highest possibilities.

Note:  Self-Awareness Counseling is a service separate from readings offered through Soul Leadings; however, you may request a reading at any point during the Spiritual Counseling relationship. In addition to graduating from seminary with a Master’s Degree in Pastoral Counseling, Gizelle Luccio is a certified addictions counselor and is a qualified mental health provider in the state of Oregon, with over 35 years of clinical experience.

To begin Self-Awareness Counseling, please click on: Book a Session, or Contact if if you have additional questions about the process.

“Consciousness is a clear place in Gabrielle’s Life. She reads from the Soul Records, has the Joy to Love all she is doing and is a blessing in each readings Life. … Touchstones and Keys of Golden Light will open up for each person — the offerings will be bright and core for each person you sit with.”

Angela G. 

Talent, OR

“Although I have long been aware of your gifts of practical insight and communication, I was quite pleasantly surprised at how well you are able to apply both to intuitive vision.

Your perceptions rang true and the metaphors that evolved during our session carried meaning to a deep personal level. Your artful mastery of our language (aside from being really impressive) was especially compelling–I was absorbed as if under the spell of a gifted storyteller.

I look forward to the opportunity for further exploration!”

David G.

Ashland OR

“My session with Gabrielle was eye-opening in a number of ways. After our session I made a decision to spend more time paying attention to details in my life and looking at the connections between things.

Her vision for me was so clear and involved imagery that I could relate to and felt comfortable with. I now am clearer about the events in my life and how they connect with one another. I can see my life from a larger perspective.

I realize that my life is beautiful but there are intersections and angles within in it that I need to pay more attention to. I need more time for me. Gabrielle made me feel comfortable.

I felt safe with her and gained a lot from the reading.”

Lucie S.

Ashland OR

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