As a child I would often escape to Nature, find a field to lie in, and stare up at the Clouds — watching the Cloud-People dance across the blue field, morphing, changing, bumping into one another, I would propel myself upward hoping to be enveloped into the cottony-softness and comfort. Little did I realize these were my early explorations into meditation and vision-seeking.

It was years before I consciously connected the practice of Prayer and Meditation as a means to tap into the flow of Creative Energy.  Of course, it was obvious that visions received during Meditation were from Source — I eagerly awaited any images or impressions that would flow through me; hungry for inspirations, insights, and ‘ah ha’ moments as ‘signs’ I was on the Path.

But it didn’t immediately dawn on me that I could cultivate such free-flowing inspiration, much less become a creative conduit until I reconnected with my love of stained glass windows. As a child I was awe-struck by windows — it is my earliest childhood memory — fascinated, I was filled with such joy as I watched the light play through the panes of glass, spilling across a wooden floor.

After learning how to make windows, I would lie awake at night, close my eyes and allow the play of Light flow across the black field — fascinated, I would watch the swirls until they settled into form, resolving themselves into shapes, designs, and eventually an image.  Sometimes I’d leap out of bed, scribble on a piece of paper — labeling colors before they ‘window’ slipped away.  Or other times I would ‘lock it in’ and use it as my metaphysical blanket, wrapping the swirls around me, and be lulled to sleep.

Some of us are slow learners.  Now I know that such connection is always available — it was my doubt, my lack of worth, my belief that I was deficient that prevented me from opening the door (or window in this case) to see Energy is always present and waiting.  We are all Creators — whether we know it or not!