There is an old adage:  “The older I get, the less I know.”  A hint that perhaps we are gaining humility (aka — not having all of the answers) or for some of us on the cusp of 60+, frequent “senior moments” that prove humorous, and sometimes embarrassing (such as when you ‘always’ lose your keys or forget the name of someone you’ve known for years!

Being willing to appear the ‘fool’ is a sign of huge spiritual growth.  Letting go of the Ego’s worry or concern about what other people think of you (or even more important: what you think of yourself), letting go of self-judgment and allowing yourself to simply NOT have it all figured out is a sign of wisdom.

In Greek literature the “Greek Chorus” dared to say what everyone was thinking, pointing out the obvious or speaking outloud the counter-point to popular (or politically correct) opinion.  The Court Jester was a revered position, such people were often labeled a ‘fool’ or crazy, providing an easy ‘out’ should those in power not appreciate the message. And Coyote is a powerful agent of change and reevaluation within the Native American tribes — honoring unpredictability and chaos, highlighting the truth that ‘there are no guarantees” in life.

What if we hired our Ego to be our Court Jester, to fulfill the role of ‘fool’ in our life?  Our Ego/Fool/Jester enables what has been hidden to be made public, to bring into light aspects that we need to acknowledge, or at the very least have exposed (whether we heed the message or not).  Instead of our Ego being the enemy, something we want to dispose of or eliminate, we recognize that it is vital to our spiritual evolution.