It is said that fish don’t know that they swim, that they don’t know that they move and have their being in a liquid.  They simply glide and flow within the environment that is their Universe.  Awareness as Water is very much the same thing.  We don’t know that we move and have our being within the awareness that is all around and us, and through us, and is the Consciousness that holds our Consciousness within it.

Embarking upon a spiritual journey as a seeker is often done with the intention of becoming more aware …. aware of Spirit, aware of the Mystery, aware of the inexplicable, the Unknown.  And yet even in the unraveling of this Mystery, the seeking that happens is often done so thru the power of the mind desiring to pierce Spirit or explain the Mystery — as though it were a puzzle that can be solved, a desire to put together the pieces so that the image becomes clear.   This couldn’t be further from truth.

There are many koans or spiritual sayings that cryptically direct or redirect us back to our own experience, our own selves, our awareness within.  Perhaps it would be simpler to think of the answer to Life’s riddle in the same way that fish swim in water.  Come to know that Awareness is all around us, it is not anything we can find, nor is it something we can escape, it embodies us, it holds us, and it fills up all of the spaces within and around us.

Awareness as Water.