Every human on the planet, to some degree or another, has control issues. CONTROL is the force each of us exercise as a means to cope with life’s uncertainties. Some folks may be softer in their approach, couching their efforts as being assertive, or setting boundaries, or perhaps their right to exercise ‘self-will’, or their right to the ‘power of choice’.

The varying degree to which control is revealed has much to do with ‘nature’ vs. ‘nurture’.  How much emotional, physical, or psychological security did one possess growing up?  How much did we have to take charge to compensate for the chaos of our home life?

What may have started out as an innocent assertion of our needs, a natural movement of energy to protect and secure comfort, could easily escalate into a voracious monster with an insatiable appetite.  Many come to believe that their actual survival depends upon maintaining control at all costs.

Thankfully what began as the solution, that then became the problem, can once again become the solution.  Life has a way of convincing us that we can never completely, 100% of the time, predict and control all aspects of life.  Our ego’s loss of control becomes the best advocate for seeking out a Spiritual Solution.  Then the Great Mystery can become an adventure – we can exercise our need for control by exploring the space within, leading to Self-Awareness and God-Consciousness.