I support you in listening to your heart about whether or not a certain Choice or Action is your call or leading; others can (and often do) chime in to give their thoughts and opinions, but they have their own Light to follow.

So if you find yourself in a place in your life where you don’t know where the winds of change or life will be blowing – look for the unexpected.   It isn’t necessary to make ‘decisions’ about what you’re going to do or where you are going to be, simply allow the river to flow, and life/choices to unfold and reveal themselves to you.

Stay open to exploring and talking and day-dreaming about the possibilities — this is part of the process — to see where you are led.  You will know in your Heart if ‘this’ or ‘that’ is for you, you cannot fail to discover how God/Spirit will be fulfilled as your Life.

The trick is to be patient until there is no doubt (my favorite mantra:  “When in Doubt, Don’t”). As someone once told me – if it a decision is ‘right’ it will only become more ‘right’ as time passes.  So — “Don’t Push the River.”  Listening to my ego-mind, I can become scared, think that I’m taking too long, or that I’m making it up, or that I won’t really know ‘what the right thing to do will be when it comes along.  Trust your inner knowing.

For me this is the lesson that has been profoundly coming through, over and over, on deeper and deeper levels. It’s not what my head thinks that is important, it is the inner voice that reveals, unfolds – when I stay with my Self, listen closely, inevitably I know what is ‘right for me’, and clarity comes.

The subtlety of Spirit is only subtle, not faint.