The capacity for the human mind to create solutions to problems we don’t even know we have is endless – infinity takes on a whole new meaning.  There are the obvious ‘rabbits’ that multiply, secretly feeding our sense of fear and dread, we nonetheless embrace them believing they bring peace and comfort:  Control, Consensus Reality, Group Agreements, Acceptable Norms, Projected Realities, and Dualistic Thinking.

But as we review the list, we discover that all of these are mental constructs, and further study reveals that many, many times we attempt to solve our problems (and fix the pain) by seeking out solutions rooted in the same level of consciousness – THE MIND!

Sometimes it is helpful to identify the various rabbits, to explore and understand the roots of the ‘problem’, and even become informed about the circumstances that set us up for pain and suffering.  But at some point we have to let go of the ‘need to know’ because it simply increases our confusion, multiplying just like rabbits — leading us down numerous rabbit holes.

A new level of consciousness would be to let go of our Story and become aware of how our Mind projects the Story (of what the Future holds) based on past experiences.  It uses our story (and our past) as proof to create a reality when there is no certainty. Often spinning a fiction is preferable to sitting with no story, no actions, no players that we can point to – our fiction gives us a sense of known in the face of the unknown.

We’ve become so adept at being Storytellers we’ve forgotten that we have the capacity to rewrite our Story, we can create reality from our Present, which in turn will open up a Future that is Unknown.  Scary for sure, but infinitely less exhausting then chasing rabbits!