Many people look forward to sleeping as a way to gain relief from stress or worry or feelings of powerlessness, anxiety, and hopelessness.  Others seek similar relief through addictions – use of chemicals or other activities that allow them to fantasize or create the ‘life’ they prefer.

Our desire to sleep ‘life away’ (or take a ‘trip’) is sometimes rewarded by lucid dreams in worlds unlike our regular life, a world without the limitation imposed by our frail human form.  Sometimes our dreams are inspiring and we are endowed with special powers: the ability to fly, the ability to see something before it happens, and we relish our experience of flexibility and freedom to move ourselves or rearrange the world effortlessly.  Our witness self may have a thought, or wonder something, and as if by magic it happens in an instant!

To come back into our waking world can be such a let-down.  We mistakenly believe that upon awakening we no longer possess our magical abilities; that it was all a fantasy, and we fall prey to our conditioning to believe that the world doesn’t work that way!  We once again put on the mantle of self-limitation.

Yet miracles do happen!  If somewhere within us we have the capacity to wonder, to question, to see opportunities and draw on abilities (simply by asking if it is possible), why can’t we ‘borrow’ these abilities to transform our ‘real life’?  We intuitively tap into a larger Self, a Higher Self in our slumber;  just because our human self ‘woke up’ doesn’t mean that our Soul Self ‘went to sleep’.

Ask for inspiration and see what happens!