When I see images of shorelines I am struck by the clear demarcation between land filled with human activity (i.e., created structures and vehicles, etc.) and the smooth open plain of water as far as the eye can see.  There is a beautiful symmetry of Yin and Yang in these elements – the solid surface and the fluid substance that flows into the shore.

Wading out into the ocean (or lake) allows us to blend our experience of these two elements – we are surrounded by the fluid substance, yet our feet are planted on solid earth no longer visible to the eye.  Boats tethered to docks or anchored off shore show taut ropes that hold onto floating objects, vehicles that allow us to go into the ‘deep end’ without too much fear.

Letting Go Of The Shore is tantamount to going in ‘over our heads’!  Pulling up our anchor or untying the lines enables us to drift out onto the surface of the lake/ocean and gain a new perspective, both of our Selves and of the human activity left behind.  Sometimes such untethering consumes us with fear, other times we simply focus on what we are trying to leave behind – in denial about the HUGE step we’ve taken by going out ‘over our heads’.

But boats do float and so can we – let go of the shore and trust that Jesus and Peter weren’t the only ones who could walk on water!  Have faith that you’ll be carried by both the boat (the human crafted vehicle) and the water (God’s creation) – a co-created experience that brings a new awareness of Self and others.