If we lived life like a spider, we would see infinite possibilities — we wouldn’t see empty space, but infinite options to anchor our Life.  Every day we can start a new design.  We can retrace our steps or explore open space, drop a strand where once there was no line.

Blending spider medicine with Wisdom, we recognize chance provides more opportunities for living then relying on intellect, conditioning, or habit.  With Wisdom we can approach the ‘fork in the road’ from our Heart, no longer weighed down by mental chatter (lost in deliberations about what is best, what is safe, how it will affect the people I care about?).  We know calendar Time is limited, Time is Now, and that in the next breath this moment will change.

We realize that Life is more Magic than it is predestination, it is a mystical opportunity to recreate ourselves as we recognize all of the ways that we’ve held ourselves back, all of the ways we’ve wounded ourselves, all of the ways we’ve set ourselves up for pain or misfortune or betrayal – our creation of limited selves.

Remember Life is a series of moments, of endless opportunities to take the leap of faith within ourselves, to start our life anew.  It no longer is a choice, it becomes something that pours out of us, and before we know it, we are living more from our heart and less from our head.  Our Life is rooted in the Intuitive Spark that has had our back our whole Life!