My Life is HERE, in this ‘moment’. It’s not in the plans I make, nor in the things yet to come, and it certainly isn’t in the things that have happened to me.  These have are already passed or may yet never be.

Judging the moment, telling myself: “I don’t like what is happening, who I am, or what I’ve done” is not the same as Being in the Moment.  And it drains the life force from my being.

When I am absolutely, completely allowing of who I am and what I am feeling, when I give myself fully to the experience, I end up with myself in the moment. Then there is no place else I’d rather be.  There is no one else I’d want to be.  And there is nothing to fix or change.

I can’t make this happen.  I can’t check my Ego at the door.  I can’t shut my mind down at ‘will’ and post a sign that says “No Trespassing” or “No Ego Allowed”.  Such action would be my Ego watching my Ego, simply another mental process that keeps me engaged, judging, trying to make something happen.  Or not happen.

The solution lies in bringing myself back to my breath, my awareness to ‘this’ moment, and sit with the question:  “What am I feeling here?  What is true for me now?”  I give myself over to sensing the experience that I am having in this moment … nothing else exists — this is all there Is.