Retraining ourselves and the way we perceive is not easy.  Seeking what isn’t there is illogical, but can be fruitful.  Applying the practice of looking, really LOOKING at negative space we can open ourselves up to a unique way of approaching life that is not predetermined or habituated.  We create an opportunity to ‘see’ as though for the first time, much like a blind person who was given sight, we will discover things that we never knew were possible.

If we were to let go of what we think we ‘know’, and ‘pretend’ we didn’t know how to perceive, we could learn to see without all of the overlays, without our conditioning clouding our view.  Not only would we discover new shapes, textures, nuances of colors, we extend our ability to see beyond our ability to visualize what we know based on touch (i.e., 3rd dimensional reality).

We can begin this practice by walking around the room and instead of looking at the objects, we look at the shapes of space between the objects.  The simplicity of being present in your normal surroundings, yet intentionally holding a different focus may lead you to consider new possibilities of how to perceive Spirit within and around your Life/Being.