Throughout all of human history we find the universal theme of “dis-ease” and throughout the same history, we are offered countless ways that humanity has strived to explain the source of this ‘dis-ease’ as a means of coping, if not eradicating the cause.

What if our sensing isn’t a problem to be solved, but instead is the leading edge of the solution?  Not because it points us to whatever cure we have struck upon, but because it taps us into a larger Awareness of something MORE to be discovered.

Much like the truism if ‘if you spot it, you’ve got it’ – if you can see a set of qualities within another, then somewhere there is a knowing, an awareness of what is the essence of those qualities.  If you experience someone as loving, kind, peaceful, and compassionate it is because something within us resonates to those qualities — we don’t recognize them because we read about them in a book somewhere!

In the same fashion, feeling a sense of ‘dis-ease’ pulls us toward something or perhaps it pushes us toward something, something MORE.  If we were comfortable, happy in our existence, what would propel us to look further (either outwardly or inwardly)?

Embrace your inner disturbance, your ‘dis-ease’, allow it to be your inner nudge – a riddle to be solved, or clue to be followed, leading you to the next clue, and the next, until ultimately you discover you are engaged in a Treasure Hunt.  And the Treasure is you, a fuller, awakened YOU!