Living Life from the “Outside In” is to live Life as part of the whirlwind.  There might be momentary pauses, when the wind stops whirling, allowing us to identify experiences or events as pieces of the puzzle that comprise the whirl of our life.  Yet living life from the perspective of the “Outside In” makes it difficult for us to know that there is a Center to the whirlwind, or more importantly, a Center to our Life.

Living life from the “Inside Out” gives us the possibility of living Life from the Center, an ability to stand in the stillness and watch life whirl around us.  It gives us the opportunity to identify thoughts and feelings, then from the stillness within to discern what the experience reveals to us about us.

Each perspective has something to offer.  To be part of the whirlwind gives us a sense of being part of a community, a part of society, a part of Life, at least Life as experienced ‘out there’.  It gives us something in common with one another; providing us with stories to tell, and events to compare.  And at times it gives us experiences that we believe help shape who we become. To be outside the whirl gives us a unique perspective on ourselves.