But living life from the “Outside In” may also create a dilemma.  Spiritually we may look at those same events and question:  “why is God doing this to me”, “what am I meant to learn from this”, “what do I have the power to change”?  We get lost in the whirlwind or become part of the whirlwind, allowing it to define who we are.

As Spiritual Beings (having a human experience) we chose to live Life from the “Inside Out”.  We chose to struggle to find the Center, to make our way through the whirlwind, battered by the winds of life in an effort to find the Light.

Once we reach the Center of the whirlwind we find Peace, beyond understanding, we find a Peace greater than our sense of self. Realization dawns that it is this ‘self’ that inevitably gets pulled back into the activities of Life — the Wind of the whirlwind.