Staying in the Center may at times feel we are disconnected from our sense of self, from the world, from our purpose in Life.  We may even judge ourselves as being uncaring or unsupportive of others in our Life.  Yet, we become part of something unknown and unplanned, part of an ever expanding funnel that extends upward and outward.  The whirlwind itself becomes the way for us to connect inward.

All of the events and chaos that flow around us becomes the framework for the stillness inside.  The endless whirl of information and activities, the constant buzz and bustle of life become mirrors to reveal ourselves to ourselves.  The whirl is no longer the things that we look for Grace to take away (or to fix) or to endure; rather we rely upon the wind to help us focus.  Grace transforms our experience of the whirling into a container, a container that pulls us inward and pushes us deeper into ourselves, and upward into the Light.

(Note:  Many thanks to Michael Roberts for loan of his photo:  “Lei of Tangs” (c) Michael Roberts (all rights)