One can’t be mad at the mind for being unable to fulfill the desires of the heart or the Soul.  It has nothing to offer because it spends all of its existence in a territory that doesn’t intersect, in a land that speaks a completely different language – thus no solace to offer.  Only in silence can a bridge be built.  Take No Thought.

Instead, seek direct experience; this is the truth against which nothing can assail.   If we become willing to let go of the power of the mind, disassemble our constructs, and focus instead upon our direct experiences – moment by moment direct experience – fear of the unknown, fear of being alone, melts away like snow under the sun’s rays.

This is a difficult choice.  It is a simple practice that isn’t easy to embrace, especially when everything around us is designed to lure us into a state of somnolence.  But we can retrain our minds; we can use our mental capacities for good, to create a discipline of focusing on the ‘here and now’.  Use thought to attend to the present moment, discover the experience that is right in front of us (or just past).  We can rediscover the purity of direct experience by seeing through our eyes – really seeing; and breathing through our nose — really breathing.

Thus we take ourselves off life-support, we unplug the machine (or the mechanism) that inadvertently pushes air in and out of our lungs, and we realize that WE ARE ALIVE!  We are BREATHING, SEEING, and in a nanosecond we return to ourselves.  What we chose to do in the next second is up to us, but once again we have the power of choice.