This is a line from a hymn, sung during my childhood.  I always envisioned Grace as something that was bestowed, or a quality that someone has in the world (very rarely would I attribute being graceful to myself).  But the notion that Grace Will Lead You Home — Grace as Spirit, the feminine face of God, the feminine expression/aspect of Source/Life.  Although it sounds etheric, it is very powerful.  The Hebrew word Ruach is translated as “wind”, “breath”, or “spirit”, the source of Life — the Holy Spirit, the One who gives Life to all of Creation.  And many would say that Grace is yet another word for Holy Spirit, a power infused by the Spirit. It is the invisible force that is infused through all of Reality.

What if Grace is something we already possess?  Something we were born with, our own internal GPS, the Infinite Invisible that has the tether from our Soul to Source, something that is our undying, everlasting connection?  If that were true, that Grace is something we are born with and can never loose.  Grace leading us home would be like a ‘tractor-beam’ that pulls us up through a simple cord of Light.

Then going home would mean going into ourselves, tapping into the Grace that is always present.  Being Home when we are embodied in a body, means we are home in this Body, and when the form changes Our strand of Light (Grace connecting our Soul to Source) continues to exist, moving us into another form or another place, so we are always Home.

Grace Will Lead Us Home.