Cultivating Our Heart — is going into the deepest part of our being to find our Selves and God.  Begin upon waking in the morning by focusing inward, into your very core — sense you There deep within.  Anything that flows out beyond that feels unimportant, because we take up residence up in the Space in-between.

Heart Shaped Rocks Water  Eventually we discover that this is the only space that we desire to occupy – in-between.  The deeper we dive, the wider the gap appears, and the more mesmerizing the journey becomes.  We seek to know the emptiness, the void within that is beyond our individual self.  Somehow we realize that it is in this spaciousness that our Selves, each other, and the Soul of the Universe all reside.  Our heart’s desire leads us to a deeper awareness and embodiment of Us There.

The true experience of ‘letting go’ lands us in the realization that there is no separation. That my heart’s desire is MY heart; my desire is MY desire; and the MY is the I of God.  There is no separation, no Inside and no Outside, no Within nor Without.  Each heartbeat, every breath, the pulse under our fingertips are evidence of the life-flow of the Spirit — of God one with Our Selves.