Changing the footing of our life work, our daily activities is a challenging process under any circumstances.  But initiating such a change away from the premise that our life must be productive in order to be of value, is almost impossible.  We are indoctrinated with the belief that a life worth living must have meaning, and we cling to the expectation that what we offer the world must be worthwhile, else why go on?

Everyone is familiar with the old paradigm that a meaningful life must come from suffering – hence the personna of the starving artist or society’s admiration of individuals who overcome tremendous odds and ‘make something out of themselves’.  Such figures are held up as beacons of hope and inspiration.  And failing that, if we don’t achieve worldly recognition, we can find comfort in the anonymity of how blessed it is to suffer for the sake of personal growth.

Revisioning a successful life as one that combines ‘meaning’ with ‘joy’ is for those lucky few, those whose stars line up and they can ‘have it all’.  Yet all around us we see evidence to the contrary — everywhere we can observe shifts in the Universe, people are expressing an increased desire and need to move away from negativity, away from the mindless focus on catastrophes.  We are waking up, we are experiencing a collective desire within our World to tune into our internal GPS, and bring JOY back into our lives.