Every particle of our being is saturated with Life Force Energy.  Much like fish that draw water through their gills, deriving the oxygen they need from the water, flushing out what they don’t need through bubbles, we are surrounded and embodied with Conscious Awareness.  We could learn alot from Fish.

Fish have developed an amazing ability to pull out of water what it is they need to sustain themselves, to support their life, yet they are unaware of this is FACT, this reality.  They are oblivious to their core truth:  swimming through water is the thing that gives them life.  Some fish may be shocked to discover this harsh truth if they chance to flip out of the stream, or are snagged by a fisherman – gasping for air, for life, they struggle to re-immerse themselves into that which sustains them.

Similarly for us, Awareness is all around us;  it is the air that we breath, it is the breeze that brushes across our shoulders, it is in the spaces between all of the molecules that make up who are, flowing within the clothes we wear, the chairs we sit upon, and the furniture that hold our belongings.  In those spaces is LIFE – is awareness.

What if we were to imagine ourselves as fish?  What if we were to hold the perspective, while moving through the day, we are swimming through vital life force energy, swimming through consciousness that informs our entire being and all of the beings we encounter? What if we adopted that perspective and viewed ourselves and our interactions over the course of one day with Awareness in mind?  How would it change our relationship with Consciousness? How would it improve our ability to challenge ourselves to be more aware?