There is much ‘talk’ and admonition about learning to live from our heart and not from our head (to the dismay of many intellectual and scientific folks).   But I can relate to the tyranny of the mind — reflecting back on the eons of struggle, seeking to do the right thing, learn the right thing, be the right ‘way’, and make healthy choices.

What I’ve come to realize is that very few people understand the distinction between the two.

It is difficult to explain that living from my heart doesn’t mean being trapped by my emotions.  Rather it is sensing into, responding to a felt-sense of discernment.  Of course I’m not fool-proof — reactive emotions can (and do) come racing back to the surface.  But the fear of making a wrong choice, or the fear that if I don’t do it ‘right’ I’ll die … just isn’t there.

This is the process of learning to Trust Self, to develop Self-Trust. A quality that has been built up in me, pulled out of me, step by step as I’ve risked listening deeply to my ‘inner voice’ and not to the ‘committee in my head.’