Last week I rediscovered the magic of speaking the Language of the Heart.  Coupled with Keeping it Green, I sought to be present to myself, to tell on myself, to describe my inward condition.  Yesterday’s spiritual insight was sufficient for that day, but not for the moment I was in – I sought to connect with my innermost self, to express myself, and felt in that moment the link-up with others in the room.

In Quaker practice during Meeting for Worship this is called a ‘gathered’ meeting, when all hearts and minds are gathered together and Light/Spirit is flowing through all of us – a ‘subtle telepathy’ that is shared in group worship (meditation).

Speaking out of this Light, what is known as Vocal Ministry, is the expression of Spirit for all present – not merely a speaking of something wise, profound, or sharing a personal insight.  The message must be tested by the group present, as we ‘sit with’ the message before bringing it forth, does it have weight, is it something MORE than for me, is it for Thee?

Similarly in 12 step meetings, sharing of experience, strength and hope becomes a collective experience of wisdom hard-wrought from not-so-enviable life experiences.  The Language of the Heart comes from deep within, from a desire and need to be met, to be heard, to not be alone.  Such ‘green sharing’ requires daily connection with one’s heart to speak from the center.

There is a funny saying in the rooms: “the longest distance is from the head to the heart”!  But what a victory when once we reach the destination.