At times I freak out and wonder what I’ll do without a 401K that will fully support me, especially as I grow older and grayer.  But then I remind myself, people lived for thousands of years without a 401K.  Fate and my Soul have conspired to put me on the road less traveled, a spiritual journey to learn self-trust and trust in God as my Retirement Plan.

In my teens I read Christy by Catherine Marshall and was amazed by her courage; wondering what it would be like to venture into the Appalachian Mountains with only a suitcase of clothes and a couple of trunks filled with books.  She knew no one and returning home wasn’t as simple as it would be these days.    Somehow I bought into the idea that risk-taking was only for the young – when our minds and bodies are strong.

I’m older and in some ways more frail – but spiritually I’m stronger than I’ve ever been.  Certainly I’m more prepared to live out on a limb; so I’m called to discover a different kind of security then what I initially had planned.  Don’t get me wrong – I hoped for the traditional life — husband, house, and kids.  It’s not like I set out to NOT have that in my life.

Life had other plans.  How I show up for those other plans is what my Life has become.