There are moments in my Life when I desire beyond everything to be Standing in the Light.  To be surrounded and enveloped by this column of golden/white light, that every place that I move, walk, sit, stand, have my Being that this column of Light travels with me.  I’m sure that this is the reality, that I in truth can’t every escape it or wander away from it’s presence.

But the Truth of my experience and my awareness of the Truth of my experience can at times be far, far apart. So the practice of Prayer & Meditation, of slowing down, lighting a candle and sitting with myself, closing my eyes, and envisioning myself standing in the Light helps to draw me into the awareness that this is the place where I reside, no matter how  busy I get nor how distant I may feel as a result of emotional upsets, or anxiety or fear born of outside circumstances.

Standing in the Light implies that the Light is a gift.  That it comes from Source, and it envelopes and embraces me; even prayers – such as Unity’s Prayer of Protection — emphasize the idea that we pray for the Light to be with us, for the experience that we are being held (always in a receiving mode) forever looking, seeking and desiring to be blessed from a Source outside of ourselves.

What if Standing in the Light is deeper than that?  Yes the column of Light exists; we hear stories of others who die or cross over and see the White Light and they walk into it.  But what if we are also Light filled beings?  What if the Light we stand in is ourselves, and finding the Light results from standing in the deepest essence of who we are, in the ‘son-ship’ or the ‘daughter-ship’ of God, only to discover that we are a ‘chip off the old block’ — beams of Light from the Source?  Now standing in the Light takes on a whole different meaning:  it means that we stand in our own Light, that we draw THAT forth, we reach for the sky and we know that we emanate splinters of the Divine.  We live our own lives as though we were Beams of Light.