It is a mistake to think that the purpose of being on a Spiritual Path is to “disappear the ego’.  As long as one is in a human form, there is a purpose for having an ego, having a personality, a physical expression of our deeper Soul Light.  So setting one’s heart and mind upon the task of disappearing the Ego is a mistaken use of one’s spiritual resources.  If anything disappears, what disappears is the Fear that one won’t reach the Light, that one will somehow be pulled off of the path, or the path will be overshadowed by the world or our own foibles and shortcomings.

The simplest way and the most accurate way to conceive of disappearing is to disappear the anxiety and the fear and the belief that we can ‘never’ get there. Because the ‘there’ we strive for is already ‘here’.  As the Light grows brighter through prayer and meditation, and as we live the expression of our Soul’s journey, what gets cast into the shadow is the anxiety of not being in step, of believing we are separate from Spirit.  Rather the truth is that Spirit guides our feet, not in a predestined kind of way, but in a moment by moment unfoldment – Thee and Me Together.