When I’m in the ‘moment’, when I give myself up to the experience, when I choose ‘this thing to do’ or ‘that place to be’ or ‘that experience to have’, it is all I want to do. And I find that I am incredibly content with myself.

It’s beyond contentment really; it is the experience of LIFE, of feeling my LIFE; of being plugged in.  All I am aware of is feeling full, there is nothing happening in my thoughts, there is no self-doubt, there is no questioning.

I am just me, and that is all there is; me and my connection with God.  And in that connection this is where my Life is, this is the place that I feel the fullest.  I feel myself expand, it is all that I want, it is all I need, it is all I desire.

Roseate spoonbill flies against a pink, purple, lavender and coral cloud covered evening sky

In the presence of Life there is nothing but gratitude, fullness, and love; and there is a sense of Being beyond whatever it is I can gain.  And when I am in ‘that place’, and I hear about something wonderful that is happening for you, all I feel is joy and gratitude and excitement for YOU.

I no longer feel envy.  I don’t feel gyped or overlooked, or somehow God hasn’t given me what it is that would make me happy; because I know – in the heart of my Being – that it isn’t about a thing, a profession, a relationship, or a house.  All of those are merely accessory items.  The heart of being alive, the heart of being FULL, is to be connected in this way.  Nothing else will do.

And this is Good Enough.  And I am Good Enough.  I am good enough for me and I’m way good enough for God.