I no longer need (nor want) to ‘figure’ people out, or help them to ‘figure’ themselves out.  It’s not about what we know; it’s about what we feel, and where this leads us in the world (inner and outer).  Every person is a whole Universe unto themselves – I find mult-verses sitting across the table from me, walking down the street, sitting at a traffic light, ringing up my groceries in the store.  Whole Universes – separate from mine, curious about the points of convergence, ultimately a mystery of Oneness.

My life has unfolded in such a way that I’m not primary in anyone’s life – no kids, mate, etc. – and there isn’t anyone primary in mine.  I had a cat (Shadow) for almost 12 years who died May 31st almost 11 years ago — his death brought home so poignantly how empty my home feels without someone to greet me at the door.  And the discovery that the only thing I take with me is the loving I have done and the love I’ve received.

So I find myself wanting to live simply, just slow down and be very simple in how I approach being with others.  I don’t want to be in ‘charge’, I just want to be a part of …. Connected to those who desire to do what they can in their small corner of the world.  Maybe …. there isn’t a ‘job’  or a ‘career’ for that, just the career of Life.  Sometimes I fantasize about moving to a small farming community and working in a local diner, or becoming Amish (if it wasn’t for their emphasis on patriarchy).  Simple acts, single moments, visiting and intersecting with various Universes, and then onto the next One …..