Each moment presents a choice, and results in a choice.  Choices.  Free will or pre-ordained?  Right or Wrong?  Good or Bad?  Anxiety arises.

Living becomes mental, and we become lost. Not understanding that the web weaves itself.  That ‘Yes’ can become ‘No’, ‘Right’ can lead to the ‘Middle’ and become ‘Left’.  “Right Action” is the only action, the best choice we see in the moment.

Until the next moment. – crisscrossing your path, so your choices lead you back to where you began.  With yourself. 

Our minds tell us another story, showering judgements like rain on the web — accusing us of back-tracking, reliving the past, or project us into the fear of an unknown future. Uncertainty compels us to retrace our path, our web, to stay along the perimeter and play it safe.  We tether ourselves to our past or our present, but if we truly desire something deeply in our heart, another opportunity will present itself.

We can venture out into the middle of the web, leap out to the next strand, or leap across an open space giving birth to a whole new strand.  It is possible to link our choices to what we desire to become and unknowingly build a new foundation.

We don’t know that in the moment, we just know this moment.  Each moment, whether fully present or not, we make a choice.

So we weave our web, a fine, intricate web that becomes our Life.  Each choice is the moment to create ourselves, to recreate ourselves, and become the Creator of our Life.