Took a beautiful walk today out to a point that granted an almost 360 degree view of beaches and ocean, with a forest behind me.

Up a gentle slope up-hill through a glade, then into the forest of trees, past an abandoned house.  Then on through a canopy of trees, opening out onto a bluff that appears to be wave swept, and is absolutely wind-swept. The sculpting of the clay shore into rivulets textured and carved along the top.

To go from lush, verdant grasses and pines, to barren cliff is quite striking. The further out I walked toward the ocean, the more the view opened up around me — beginning from a tunnel of trees to rocky bluffs, to sky, and more sky and then ocean all around. I was the only one there — quite lovely, and very peaceful.

Hope you are finding beauty in your days, solace to the Soul and wounds. There is life out there, and healing, whispering on the wind, or a gentle breeze, a passing thing that is but a moment before your own fog rolls in again. There will be mists that will burn off for a time, and clearings, with the sun becoming overcast once more — back and forth, until the winds blow the storm on by.