Upon awakening in the mornings we become aware once again of THIS reality, our waking reality, a different experience from our sleeping state of being.  It is as natural as breathing for us, in one moment we are ‘dead to the world’ and in the next instance we are ‘awake’.  We do this all the time, every day, sometimes more than once a day if we like naps! J

Awakening to our Spiritual Being is as simple and natural as this ‘going to sleep’ or ‘waking up’.  It isn’t something we have to learn, something we have to strive toward, but it does require that we acknowledge that the two states do exist and that we experience these states differently.

Waking into Consciousness – from being in denial or being on auto-pilot – into Present Moment Living involves ‘waking up’ from the dream-state that we perpetuate while awake.  Such dream states are created by fantasy, or induced by drugs or alcohol, or are dominated by our ego’s infinite ability to perpetuate ‘beliefs’ that we mistake for reality.

Our ability to recognize such ego-induced states comes when we are able to acknowledge our fear of the unknown, and the myriad of ways which we strive to escape and dampen down this fear.  Such fear has the power to create alternate realities – realities that are so real, we mistake them for the ‘real’ thing.