White Noise Machines aren’t called Black Noise Machines.  Based on some sort of physics that enable sound waves to be muted or displaced, they provide a way for us to cover over unwanted sounds.  Underlying conversations, thoughts, outside distractions and interference are dissuaded from intruding in on our psyche or consciousness.  The rationale is that by having the ‘white noise’ machines running in the background we are enabled to focus inwardly, better able to pay attention to the task at hand, to create a ‘cone of silence’ so others can’t snoop over our shoulder or listen in on what we are exploring. But what do we do within the inner ‘cone of silence’ once we are there?

In older days the Sand Man was the ‘white noise’ machine.  He would come and sprinkle sand and fairy dust to help children sleep; they could move into the land of peaceful dreams because of the care of this mythical person.  Now we put on fake sounds of rain, brook, and ocean – attempting to evoke a natural place in our imagination, projecting ourselves into an environment that is safe, comforting and secure.  Yet it is short-lived and fleeting at best.

So the question arises, if I am buying a white noise machine, what is it I don’t want to pay attention to?  What is it I want to mask?  Or an even deeper question:  when did distraction become the way to take care of myself?  What is causing the disturbance that requires soothing noises to help to calm me down?  What is rattling me to such a degree that I’ve forgotten how to relax and calm my nervous system?  What do I truly need to help me be released from stresses, cares and uptightness?  And even deeper — How do I become responsible for my own mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being?  What would be required of me to heal the split within, to mend the sense of separation I feel between me and Thee, and thus all of Life?

Maybe we need Black Noise Machines — powered like black-holes or wormholes, they pull us inextricably into the void, into the unknown … into ourselves, ultimately uniting us with all of Life and Source beyond.  Ah … I forgot:  that would be our Soul ! 🙂