Invite Surrender and Cross the Divide.  In the practice of vigilant prayer and meditation we exhaust ourselves, saturate ourselves, strive through our efforts to release, release, release. Space appears and then disappears, sitting in hope that eventually we cross the Divide.

Fall Road What is the Divide?

It is the moment, the nanosecond, the space between self-awareness and God-Awareness.  When our breath joins with the Breath of God, we catch the wave, and experience Light & Love. Stress ceases, worry ceases, and effort releases.  We step into an ultimate awareness that all of THIS is nothingness, and THAT — the Union, the joining, the breathing of God’s breathe — awakens us to the reality that we ARE. In the pulse-beat of an instant we forget ourselves, we forget our separation, we forget our identities, lose duality, and join ….

In that moment we become the experience of Surrender. One with God, we KNOW that there is nothing greater or less than … that … this … and then ‘we’ come back, bringing with us the experience, the memory, the certainty that we have always been and are forever One — God/Self is the center of our Being.